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Week 16/Day 80

My Week in Review
Week 16. January 9th-13th 2011

This week I thought I'd record what I did during school hours. If you would like to read them you can click on the links below.

Pretty, much I stayed on task and kept the same order.
Math with Josh.
Preparing School with Caleb and Brent
All About Reading with Lance
Beyond School with Ethan and Lance
Reading with Ethan
All About Spelling/Rod and Staff with Ethan or All About Spelling/Shurley English with Caleb and Brent.

There were a few other sessions thrown in as needed. Math/writing with another child when needed.

As for my week in review it's a bit boring but here it is.

Joshua 7th grade:
Sequential Spelling~completed 4 lessons.
Teaching Tetxtbook 6~completed lessons 53, quiz 7, 54, 55 and 56
Copywork for Boys~3x this week.
Writing with Skill~completed daily. I need to look at his book to see what lesson he is on.
Analytical Grammar~Completed Unit 5.
Bob Jones History~Instead of him doing this every day, I have him completing three assignments a week. His workload seems so heavy as it is.
Bob Jones Science~I scaled Science back to two days a week.
Bob Jones Bible~he completed four lessons as well as AWANA (Trek).
Bob Jones Literature~he does this twice a week. He completed lessons 1 and 2.
Latin~completed chapter 7.

Annette 6th grade:

Soaring with Spelling~completed lesson 9.
Analytical Grammar~finished Season 1.
Writing with Skill~completed week 2.
America the Beautiful~completed five lesson, this included reading from her text, completing her workbook page, Bible and map work.
A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie~completed 2 lessons.
Copywork for Girls~completed 3 times this week.
Math-U-See Epsilon~she had a little trouble with lesson 11 but was able to complete it. She did 11A-11F this week.
Latin~completed chapter 7.

Caleb 5th grade:
Math-U-See~completed lesson 10.

Brent 4th grade:
Teaching Textbook 5~completed lessons 49, quiz 7, 50, 51, and 52.

Both Caleb and Brent:
Shurley English~twice this week.
All About Spelling 2~completed lesson 18, 19 and 20.

Using Preparing Hearts for His Glory from Heart of Dakota:
Reading About History~read from Life in the Great Ice Age.
History Project~we only painted the rainbow. I talked briefly about warm and cool colors but we didn't do the project with that because I didn't have all the paint colors.
Storytime~I read from The True Story of Noah's Ark and Genesis.
Poetry~I read the poem, we replaced one stanza with what we saw out our window, and the children made a border on their poem~page.
Research~this is done once a week. This week we researched the flood story and read a few from other cultures. We discussed them as well.
Vocabulary~ we didn't do this week. Heart of Dakota {Preparing} has a lot more writing than what the boys are use to, so I'm easing them into it.
Geography~I used a globe to demonstrate how the earth rotates.
Timeline~We added The Great Flood to our timeline.
Bible~the children copied Psalm 1:2, we discussed Psalm 1:1-3 and they continue to memorize it as well.

Ethan 3rd grade:
Rod and Staff Grammar~completed lessons 2 and 3. He is learning about telling sentences and questions.
Teaching Textbook 3~completed lessons 54, 55, 56, quiz 7 and lesson 57. Also practiced his add. sub. and mult. via Timez Attack.
New American Cursive~practiced his A and B's.
Explode the Code 3~completed pages 27-63.
Reading~read from his Bible reader 4 days this week.

Lance 1st grade:
Math for a Living Education~completed twice this week. He also practiced his add. sub. and mult. via Timez Attack.
All About Reading~did 4 days this week. Some days one lesson can last two days.

Both boys are using Beyond Little Hearts from Heart of Dakota.
Reading About History~I read from Stories of the Pilgrims and some verses from Romans.
History Activity~the children played a game.
Poetry and Rhymes~I read the selected poem to them daily.
Storytime~I continued to read and discuss the book about Gladys Aylward.
Science Exploration~I read from God's Wonderful Works and we explored how the light goes through some things and other things are blocked.
Reading Choices~Ethan read from Emerging Reader and Lance continues with phonics.

A few pictures from today.
Josh, doing work. He didn't want Caleb to notice him but instead freaked his mama out. I sat down not realizing he was there and was startled.
 Caleb working hard. He is dressed but it's chilly, so he wears his robe.
 This was the boys narration today from Life in the Great Ice Age. I wrote it and they copied it.
 Our poem was Bed in Summer, so I did a sample illustration of the poem. As you can see it was a rush job. I made the sun, moon and stars, tree, grown-up peoples feet (that the stick figure with shoes), cloud and a boy in bed.  Basically I was giving them an idea of what to do.
For Caleb and Brent, I made a copy from the Guide and had them make their own border.
 My Preparing boys hard at work.
 Lance, looks good in blue.
 Lance, making cursive 'a'.

Another week done!


  1. What a busy mom! I love getting to look into your week through the photos you put up. Hope it was as fun as it looks to have been. :)

  2. Looks like a productive week. I love that Curious George joined in!


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