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Week 18/Day91

Week 18. January 23rd-27th, 2012.

This week I thought I'd only do a Week in Review with my four younger children. I need to get my Lesson Planner back in order with the two older children. They did do school but I didn't write it all down.

Preparing School~Caleb and Brent~4th & 5th grade;
Math-U-See~Caleb completed lesson 12A-12E. He will do 12F on Monday. He had a hard time with this lesson. He kept missing long multiplication and dividing fractions. I think now that he has learned how to mult.~divide~sub.~add. with fractions he needs to pay extra attention to what he needs to do. A few times he was in a hurry. The word problems continue to be difficult for him.
Teaching Textbook 5~Brent, completed four lessons.
Shurley English~both boys completed lesson 13. It feels good to be half way through the program.
All About Spelling~both boys completed two lessons. Two days I did some reviewing as well, for a total of four days.
Preparing Hearts for His Glory~completed Unit 4. This consisted of Reading About History, Storytime, History Project, Research, Poetry, Bible Study, Science, Vocabulary, Geography, Timeline, copywork, dictation and their independent history.
I read from A Child's History of the World and Genesis. The boys read from One Small Square: Arctic Tundra and copied a page in cursive from Draw and Write Through History.
Brent, had another meltdown, but eventually he completed all his work. He thinks the reading and writing are too much. I think he needs to get use to it and in time he will. Brent, likes to sleep, play outside and with legos (what boy doesn't) but he also needs to discipline himself.

Ethan and Lance are both using Beyond Little Hearts. They completed Unit 5. So far we are really enjoying Beyond. The boys beg for more reading. 

Ethan 3rd grade;
All About Spelling~he completed lessons 19 and 20. He also practiced the words from his Beyond Spelling list.
Teaching Textbooks 3~he completed lessons 58-64 and quiz 9.
Rod and Staff English~completed lessons 8, 9 and 10.
Explode the Code 3~he completed two pages daily.
Emerging Readers from Beyond~he only read to me once this week. I do need to get back on track with his reading. He reads bits here and there from Explode the Code and his grammar book.

Lance 1st grade; 
All About Reading~completed three lessons
Math for a Living Education~only four pages. I was doing so well with his math for a while, like with Ethan's reading I need to get Lance, working on his math more. He does practice his add. sub. and mult. via Timez Attack daily. I might purchase Dream Box again but not sure.

Lance, completing math.
 Learning about tally marks.
 Ethan, practicing making cursive 'd' and 'D'. Looks like one is backwards.
 A pink tulip. We read about tulips in Holland.

 Ethan, working on his Explode the Code workbook.

 Caleb, completing a multiplication problems. Aaack, he got it wrong. I put the lines to help him but his numbers still got jumbled toward the end.
 Ethan's copywork.
 Ethan, still needs to make a few corrections. He messes-up when he rushes.
All About Spelling, see the smile on their faces. I thought I'd add some spice to our spelling lesson today. If they got all their 'oy' and 'oi' words right today, they could have an extra homemade Chocolate Chip cookie tonight during Gold Rush.
 Working hard at getting them right.
 Yay, they passed and as Caleb said "Victory!".


  1. Busy week! How do you and your children like Shurley English? I heard it is very comprehensive. Do you plan to skip years or do it every year?

  2. I love the copy work and cursive. Looks great! I need to do some planning for my little guys I am getting behind here. It seems to really go by so fast. I am going to check out Math For A Living Education. I am always inspired by all that you accomplish each week.

  3. Chocolate chip cookies would motivate me too! Looks like a good week!

  4. Great Week, Linda! The boys earned those extra chocolate chip cookies! YUM!

  5. Looks like a full week. Congrats on making it half way through Shurley.


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