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Weekend Wrap-up

Lupe and I went back to Target Saturday night (our date night) and I was so happy to see the Pumpkin Spice coffee still there. I stocked up and hopefully I can make it last a year.
 I added some Mocha Mint as well.
 Look what I found in one of my storage boxes. An old set of All About Spelling Cards from level 1. I also found a set of level two student cards. They are the older ones where one has to cut the cards but that' okay. It will save me some $$$.
 After a few hours of us out in the cold organizing our extended garage Lance is tired. He fell asleep on the couch. He didn't even brush his teeth or change his clothes. Poor guy.
Sunday, Lupe the boys and I started to organize our extended garage. Lupe, took down many of the boxes that were getting smashed. I found lots of stuff that I knew I had but didn't know what box it was in. Although a lot of work it was fun.
While we were working on organizing the garage, Annette, cleaned the house for me. She loaded the dishwasher, cleaned and wiped the counters, cleaned the table, clean and swept the hallway and started dinner. When I entered the house she had one pizza almost done, so I helped her roll out the next one. She had also baked some cookies from our left over CHRISTmas cookie doughs. What a sweet girl.

 This was taken today but I thought I'd add it to my weekend post.
Brent, loves to look at Google Earth. Hey, it's geography.


  1. It is fun finding things in storage that you forgot about:) I've been slowly going through the kids' K and early elementary papers. I saved everything! I saved all the curric for my youngest, but now I don't know if I'll use it (it's mostly BJU stuff). It's hard to decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to toss.

  2. Good Morning :)

    That is a lot of coffee! I'm glad that you were able to stock up.

  3. Hey, I just came back from Target and I found the coffee you have pictured here but it wasn't the same in cost...here in CA it was almost $5 a bag. Bummer, I was planning on getting a bag (or two) but I didn't because the clearance price was still to high for me. But glad you were able to stock up! :)


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