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Whipped Cream

Yesterday the strangest thing happened  with my whipping cream. When I tipped the carton to pour the smooth creamy cream into my cup it didn't come. I looked into the carton and found that it was no longer in liquid form but whipped. I had to open the carton more and spoon it out. That is why there is a black clip on the top of the carton.

I had just purchased it at Target (love that store), that's why it was so strange. I wonder if it fell one to many times out of the fridge (I really need to clean out the fridge).


  1. Sounds to me like someone was wanting to make homemade butter. If you shake it long enough, that's what will happen. The question is, how could a customer at the store do that long enough to make it like that without getting caught? My guess is that it would be someone on the night stocking crew. Blessings.

  2. Hmmm, that's strange! I've never had that happen before but then again I'm not a frequent purchaser of whipping cream.

    But at least it was still good and you were able to enjoy it still. :)


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