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Day 113

Beyond School
Today, Ethan and I did a science experiment. Yay! You know how rare we do these things. We also made Land Under the Ocean.
Ethan, is forming the ocean levels.
 There really isn't suppose to be any plant life, but Ethan, wanted to add some anyway.
The 1st step is called, Sea Level, the 2nd step is the Shelf then there is the Slide and last the Ocean Floor.
 It suppose to look like this.
I didn't have Playdough and couldn't find my recipe (which is much more pliable), so I had to make do with this non-cook salt dough. I was prepared and made it yesterday =)
We had fun making it together ;)

We added water and floated the 'Mayflower'. Ethan, wanted to add a man standing on Plymouth Rock.
This is what it looked like when we were all done.

Now for the science experiment.
Ethan, learned one of the reasons why God put salt in the ocean water.
First we put fresh water in a bowl. Ethan, wanted to add blue food color, to make it look more like the ocean. We put half a crayon to represent the Mayflower in the water. It sank!
 We saved the 'Mayflower' and put it aside. We added two TBLS of salt. Stirred until all the salt was dissolved. Put the 'Mayflower' (crayon) back in.
 It floated.
 We learned that the crayon floated on top because  the salt makes the water thick. The salty water has more things in it to hold up the crayon. Fresh water doesn't have salt, so the crayon had nothing to hold it up and fell to the bottom.

Little Hearts School

Lance, started a timeline.
He made an hourglass on the left side of the page, a red cross in the middle and a cloud on the right side.
The hourglass represents the beginning of time. The cross~Jesus died for our sins. The cloud~Jesus will someday come back for us. On this paper he will also draw little pictures of what he learns pertaining to history.
 Here he is working in his Critical Thinking book.

I didn't take any pictures of my Preparing boys. Today they had to write about winter. Both boys had a hard time. I told them to write what winter means to them, hoping that would make it sound more simple.
I read about the Greek gods. They new some of them. After reading about the Greek gods, we then turned to the book of Acts.
Acts 14:8-18 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
8 At Lystra a man was sitting who had no strength in his feet, lame from his mother’s womb, who had never walked. 9 This man was listening to Paul as he spoke, who, when he had fixed his gaze on him and had seen that he had faith to be made well, 10 said with a loud voice, “Stand upright on your feet.” And he leaped up and began to walk. 11 When the crowds saw what Paul had done, they raised their voice, saying in the Lycaonian language, “The gods have become like men and have come down to us.” 12 And they began calling Barnabas, Zeus, and Paul, Hermes, because he was the chief speaker. 13 The priest of Zeus, whose temple was just outside the city, brought oxen and garlands to the gates, and wanted to offer sacrifice with the crowds. 14 But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard of it, they tore their robes and rushed out into the crowd, crying out 15 and saying, “Men, why are you doing these things? We are also men of the same nature as you, and preach the gospel to you that you should turn from these vain things to a living God, WHO MADE THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH AND THE SEA AND ALL THAT IS IN THEM. 16 In the generations gone by He permitted all the nations to go their own ways; 17 and yet He did not leave Himself without witness, in that He did good and gave you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying your hearts with food and gladness.” 18 Even saying these things, with difficulty they restrained the crowds from offering sacrifice to them.

It was interesting how they called Barnabas, Zeus and Paul, Hermes. The Greek god Hermes was considered the messenger. Zeus was the chief pagan god.

Joshua School
Joshua, had to write a 120 word summary via Writing with Skill. He is enjoying this program and asked, "Am I going to finish this program?" poor guy, I told him yes. We will be interrupted a few times (did I mention I'm a TOS Homeschool Crew reviewer. Yay!).

Rare Moment

Joshua, took a picture of me. He said, "We don't ever see you playing a game on dad's phone".
It was late, so I'm in my pajamas and my face is shiny about that time.
I tried to make the picture as small as possible.

I don't have a cell phone (not sure when I'll get one).
The boys and Lupe have a game that they play, so during free time, Lupe will play it. One day I asked, "Can't you put a game in there for me to play once in a while?" We sat thinking...... but couldn't think of a game. Finally I said, "How about solitaire?", so now when I'm just sitting and everything is done, I'll pick-up Lupe's phone and play a game of Solitaire.

Day 112

It's been a full good day. I'm exhausted but it's all good =)

My desk this morning. 
 Annette, finishing her copywork.
 She completed unit 11 of Analytical Grammar. She passed her test with a B+.
Analytical Grammar is a challenge for her. Although she does very well, I did talk to her today to let her know that as long as she can label all the parts of speech correctly, I'm a happy mama!  I don't want her to feel stressed about this. Her diagramming is great, she hardly misses them but for some reason she thinks she does horrible.

Joshua, working on Writing with Skill. 
Josh, is doing well with this program. I could see in the future it being a bit hard for me to grade but I'm wondering if that is how all writing programs are. Checking to make sure all the grammar is correct (beyond the eight parts of speech) is what will make it more difficult for me.
Little Hearts School
Lance, is talking to me about mammals.
(cute scrunched up nose)
  Annette, captured my little guy's hand motion. Too cute!
 Lance, ripping paper to make a collage.
 The cross represents that Jesus is the center of history. He is our light.
I know some Heart of Dakota users don't like to do the crafts because some view it as busywork. I thought this too at first but now that I've been using Beyond (and now Little Hearts) I use the craft as a way for the children to narrate what they have learned, other times I have them tell their dad what it means and as the days and weeks go by, I'll pick it up and ask about it. Now I see the craft as reinforcing what my children are learning. I don't feel that it's busywork or a waste of time anymore. Yes, eventually some might end up in the trash and others will be saved but I do take pictures of them all.

Ethan, is slowly moving through his cursive workbook.
His copywork for today. This was actually last weeks poem. I like it better than this weeks passage.
 When Caleb and Brent completed their Shurley English assignment and I didn't give out a sticker, Brent asked, "Do we get a sticker?". Apparently even the older children like their stickers. Today, I gave them a yellow dot and told them to make any kind of face on it that they liked (happy, sad, mad etc.). Caleb not only made a face but added a body =)

Doing Their Best

This past weekend Annette and Josh helped their father paint an apartment that needs to be finished by the first of March. My husband and the apartment manager where pretty impressed with how well they painted. The apartment manager commented that they paint a lot better than some adults she knew.

Lupe is a good teacher. One of the many things I love about my husband is he will do the job right and that's what he teaches his children. If he makes a mistake he learns from it, redoes the job and doesn't make the same mistake again.

He teaches the children not only to do their best but go above and beyond.

I must say, he's a good man and I'm so happy he's my husband and I'm his wife (big smile).

Colossians 3:12-17

My verse for the day, week, month or however long it takes.
Colossians 3:12-17
12 As God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. 13 Bear with one another and, if anyone has a complaint against another, forgive each other; just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. 14 Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. 15 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful. 16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom; and with gratitude in your hearts sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God. 17 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. 

Someone very dear to me suggested I find a verse and cling to it. I'm not so sure this one is it but it does remind me what I have to do. I normally don't find it hard to forgive someone. I know God is watching and He will take care of the situation (My God is so BIG, so BIG and so STRONG......) but every once in a while my flesh wants to take over. I just have one word that explains how I feel right now. Numb. I guess I'm tired of people thinking that just because my family is kind that we are weak.
Like my father always says, "Don't take kindness for weakness".

Day 111

I didn't do a Week in Review for week 22. There was so much going on that I couldn't focus on writing one. Joshua and Annette, did a lot of their independent work. My Preparing boys didn't finish their Unit 8, they still one day left plus a few stragglers, like finishing their map. Ethan, didn't do any Beyond but did math, copywork and Explode the Code. Lance, did the basics as well.

Today, we started our 111 day. Yay. Here is what my 'desk' looked like this morning.
Today was the day that I started Little Hearts with Lance.
And I started our new Block schedule.

6:30~Mom wakes, showers, dresses, get coffee going.
7:00~wake children, they dress, eat, brush teeth etc.
8:00~I work with my Preparing boys, rotating box, storytime, history, Bible, and dictation if schedules. Get them started on their independent work.
9:00~work with my oldest son Josh, English and Math
Here is where it gets tricky, just depends on how long Joshua's 1-on-1 takes. Sometimes it's 30min. other days 40. So I'm going to use an hour. If we finish earlier, great, I'll move on or take a mini break.
10:00~work with Ethan using Beyond
11:00~work with Lance using Little Hearts and see if I can fit in phonics and math
1:00~Finish with my Preparing boys, usually at this time all they have left is English and spelling.
2:00~Quiet time :mrgreen: We have a two hour quiet time five days a week.
4:00~Play outside, finish any school work or find a comfy spot to read.
Everything went well. I didn't wake at 6:30 though. I made up the time by not checking my emails in the morning.
Lance, completing a workbook page from Thinking Skills 1st Grade that was included in the Little Hearts program.
 Lance, practicing his words from All About Spelling.
I also signed Lance up with Math Whizz. My subscription was ending with three children (Josh, Annette, and Caleb). I canceled Joshua's and Annette's. Paid the $99.00 to renew Caleb's and paid $120.00 to add Lance. Another option was to pay monthly but by the end of 12 months one would pay $240.00.
Lance was really excited about starting Math Whizz.

I started Ethan, on Unit 9 of Beyond Little Hearts. It was nice having our time together. I read in my bedroom and he laid his head on my lap.

My Preparing boys finished last weeks Unit 8. They added to their timeline, finished their map and completed a written narration. This time I had them write the narration all by themselves. Normally we do this together. All three of us. I'll write it on the board and they copy it.
Here is a picture of Brent's timeline.
 The picture below of Brent, writing in his journal. This was taken on Friday.
 Brent, can make some really nice ships with the Legos.
Some pictures from Annette's science program 'A Nature Walk with  Aunt Bessie'

Happy Birthday Ethan

Ethan, turned 9 years old!!!

Happy Birthday Ethan.
We purchased one of his favorite cakes from Costco.
 What cute lips.

 Grandpa got him some soldiers.
 Auntie V. asked Ethan what he wanted for his birthday and he told her a blanket.
 A ship from mom and dad.
His little cousin gave him a dart gun.