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Day 103

I lost track of our days and didn't realize that we missed our 100th day of homeschooling. The last few weeks I've been tired and wasn't  keeping track.

Caleb and Brent are on Unit 7 of Preparing Hearts. We continue to enjoy Heart of Dakota. I pray we'll use it for a few years at least (if not many more years).

This week the boys made a pyramid. It wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. The boys drew a diamond, each side had to be four inches long. From each edge they were to draw a triangle which was suppose to be 4" long as well. All I can say is we tried and tried. It was hard trying to get those triangles at 4".

As you can see our pyramids are not as good as the Egyptians. (sigh).  Below is Caleb's.
 This one Brent made. We call it the colapsing pyramid.
 Once we taped our pryamids together on Day 1. Day 2 they painted the pyramids with watered-down glue and sprinkled sugar on it to make it sparkle in the sunlight.
 Day 3 the boys shined the 'sun' on the pyramid and colored the shadow. They really enjoyed this project.
 Making the pyramids as lopsided as ours came out was another lesson in itself. We talked about how the Egyptians didn't have modern conveniences but yet they were so accurate. Pretty amazing.

I am doing better with remembering to do dictation. This is included in the schedule but I still pass it up and forget, so now, I write 'dictation first' on the whiteboard. This reminds me to do dictation before I start reading.
Usually about once a week we get to make part of a poem our own. For instance this weeks poem is 'Foreign Lands'. The children (who have climbed our trees in the backyard) had to imagine what they would see from a tree. We wrote things like toys, road, cars, roof-tops, fence, bugs etc. We replaced what Robert Louis Stevenson wrote and put what we would see from our tree. The children, especially Brent, really enjoys doing this. We have lots of laughs.We have also learned that this too is not as easy as it seems. Especially if we are trying to make it rhyme.

Brent, is learning long division and thinks it's fun. Yay!

Ethan and Lance, are on Unit 9 of Beyond Little Hearts. This week they made stars and learned about starfish.
 We are loving our history time. Learning about the Mayflower.
 Today, for Science Exploration the children learned how the wind from the storm forced the Pilgrims to the north. The ball was the Mayflower, one side of the table was the ocean and the other land. Ethan and Lance were the wind. They blew the ball and surprisingly with Ethan, it went were it was suppose to. With Lance, he blew the 'Mayflower' off course.
 A few samples of Ethan's copywork. He is copying a poem 'Maker of Heaven and Earth' one of my favorites.

When I first introduce the poem, I read it without telling them the title. I then ask the kids what title would they give the poem? Ethan said, God is Mighty and Lance said, God is Best.

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  1. Linda, all I can say is, Wow! Your homeschool looks like so much fun! I love the pyramids. Joshua would love to do that! I also love the stars. No wonder you lost track of the time, you are having too much fun! :)


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