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Day 104

Another day down. God is good =).
As I type the children are watching National Treasure. Since we watch Gold Rush on Friday night, I thought I'd let them cuddle in the living room and watch a movie. The DVD needs to be returned to the library.

My Preparing boys finished another week of Preparing Hearts, Unit 7. Tomorrow we will do the science experiment.

Here is a rough draft of our written narration. I should have capitalized 'his' though.
 Brent and Caleb copied it.
 Brent doing division for fun.

Beyond School

I am making a slight adjustment to Beyond School to the 'Storytime' box. Instead of reading a genre (history, biography etc.) I am going to read some picture books that I have been wanting to read to the children but haven't. Like the Billy and Blaze series or a book on flowers. I will then have them narrate it back to me using what's in the Storytime Box if possible. If not just a regular narration.
Today's book was The Snowy Day.
 Lance, copied a sentence. I wrote three things he enjoys. Looking at the stars, water the  plants and I forgot the third. I picked one and made it into an exclamatory sentence.
 As you can see, he still needs to practice writing his letters. I will have him copy one sentence a week and work on his letters the other four days.
Below, is Ethan's cursive. He is practicing the letter 'k'.

Annette, took her last test for Season 1 in the Review Book (Analytical Grammar). She is now ready to start Season 2.


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