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Day 108

Today has been very productive. Before we started school I had a nice talk with Josh about high school. I told him my concerns with continuing with Bob Jones. There are pros~great curriculum, dvds to help with teaching, Josh enjoys BJ, and we like how it's Christ-centered. Cons~a very full schedule, long lessons, and science and history are done almost daily. I also mentioned My Father's World. I asked him to pray about the two programs.
Josh, also let me know that he is understanding the way Bob Jones works. He likes the challenge of Bob Jones. He also voiced how much enjoys BJ's history and literature.
Another area of Bob Jones that concerns me is, science. I did tell him that he may not use Bob Jones for science next year, that I have something else lined up. When he asked, why, I let him know that with using Bob Jones for science and history, that I have noticed it makes for a long day. I don't want him spending so much time on these two subjects. The science course I have selected is good but it won't take as much time (basically it won't be as rigorous but then again I haven't purchased it yet to see). I guess a better word, is it will be less intimidating but yet gets the job done ;)
Biology 101: Biology According to the Days of  Creation--DVDs  -
I also had a good discussion with Annette, about purity. This chat came about because of a section in her AWANA book.
She wasn't quite sure what 'Pure until marriage' meant. Without going into too much detail, I explained to her about holding hands, hugging, and about giving a kiss away. I let her know as she becomes a young lady she might become interested in a certain young man and how her feeling will want to do one thing but she needs to keep herself (her hugs and kisses) pure for her husband. We talked about keeping her heart for her some-day hubby as well. We don't want her to give a piece of her heart to different young men.
I also talked to her about her relationship with her dad and I. Dad is an example of how her future husband should treat her. She sees, how much her father loves me, cares for me as well as loves his children and cares for them.
We both enjoyed our mother~daughter talk.

On the Homeschool front, with me adding in another Heart of Dakota Guide, it also means a change in our block schedule. I had a talk with the four older children. I let Josh and Annette, know that they will have to continue Latin without me. I voiced how I really enjoy this time learning with them but I only have so much time to teach during our school hours. I really stressed that I didn't make this change lightly because I know how much they enjoy my time with them during our Latin studies.
I also told Caleb and Brent, that I am pulling them from the Latin class. Maybe we can pick it back-up in the summer or next school year. I also said that they need to continue studying the words that they have learned. NOT TO FORGET THEM!

Here is our new block schedule starting Monday.

6:30~Mom wakes, showers, dresses, get coffee going.
7:00~wake children, they dress, eat, brush teeth etc.
8:00~I work with my Preparing boys, rotating box, storytime, history, Bible, and dictation if schedules. Get them started on their independent work.
9:00~work with my oldest son Josh, English and Math
Here is where it gets tricky, just depends on how long Joshua's 1-on-1 takes. Sometimes it's 30min. other days 40. So I'm going to use an hour. If we finish earlier, great, I'll move on or take a mini break.
10:00~work with Ethan using Beyond
11:00~work with Lance using Little Hearts and see if I can fit in phonics and math
1:00~Finish with my Preparing boys, usually at this time all they have left is English and spelling.
2:00~Quiet time :mrgreen: We have a two hour quiet time five days a week.
4:00~Play outside, finish any school work or find a comfy spot to read

To make this new Block Schedule work, I'll have to make sure over the weekend I make my copies and have everything ready. I must say I have been slacking with this for a while.

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