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Day 111

I didn't do a Week in Review for week 22. There was so much going on that I couldn't focus on writing one. Joshua and Annette, did a lot of their independent work. My Preparing boys didn't finish their Unit 8, they still one day left plus a few stragglers, like finishing their map. Ethan, didn't do any Beyond but did math, copywork and Explode the Code. Lance, did the basics as well.

Today, we started our 111 day. Yay. Here is what my 'desk' looked like this morning.
Today was the day that I started Little Hearts with Lance.
And I started our new Block schedule.

6:30~Mom wakes, showers, dresses, get coffee going.
7:00~wake children, they dress, eat, brush teeth etc.
8:00~I work with my Preparing boys, rotating box, storytime, history, Bible, and dictation if schedules. Get them started on their independent work.
9:00~work with my oldest son Josh, English and Math
Here is where it gets tricky, just depends on how long Joshua's 1-on-1 takes. Sometimes it's 30min. other days 40. So I'm going to use an hour. If we finish earlier, great, I'll move on or take a mini break.
10:00~work with Ethan using Beyond
11:00~work with Lance using Little Hearts and see if I can fit in phonics and math
1:00~Finish with my Preparing boys, usually at this time all they have left is English and spelling.
2:00~Quiet time :mrgreen: We have a two hour quiet time five days a week.
4:00~Play outside, finish any school work or find a comfy spot to read.
Everything went well. I didn't wake at 6:30 though. I made up the time by not checking my emails in the morning.
Lance, completing a workbook page from Thinking Skills 1st Grade that was included in the Little Hearts program.
 Lance, practicing his words from All About Spelling.
I also signed Lance up with Math Whizz. My subscription was ending with three children (Josh, Annette, and Caleb). I canceled Joshua's and Annette's. Paid the $99.00 to renew Caleb's and paid $120.00 to add Lance. Another option was to pay monthly but by the end of 12 months one would pay $240.00.
Lance was really excited about starting Math Whizz.

I started Ethan, on Unit 9 of Beyond Little Hearts. It was nice having our time together. I read in my bedroom and he laid his head on my lap.

My Preparing boys finished last weeks Unit 8. They added to their timeline, finished their map and completed a written narration. This time I had them write the narration all by themselves. Normally we do this together. All three of us. I'll write it on the board and they copy it.
Here is a picture of Brent's timeline.
 The picture below of Brent, writing in his journal. This was taken on Friday.
 Brent, can make some really nice ships with the Legos.
Some pictures from Annette's science program 'A Nature Walk with  Aunt Bessie'

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