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Day 112

It's been a full good day. I'm exhausted but it's all good =)

My desk this morning. 
 Annette, finishing her copywork.
 She completed unit 11 of Analytical Grammar. She passed her test with a B+.
Analytical Grammar is a challenge for her. Although she does very well, I did talk to her today to let her know that as long as she can label all the parts of speech correctly, I'm a happy mama!  I don't want her to feel stressed about this. Her diagramming is great, she hardly misses them but for some reason she thinks she does horrible.

Joshua, working on Writing with Skill. 
Josh, is doing well with this program. I could see in the future it being a bit hard for me to grade but I'm wondering if that is how all writing programs are. Checking to make sure all the grammar is correct (beyond the eight parts of speech) is what will make it more difficult for me.
Little Hearts School
Lance, is talking to me about mammals.
(cute scrunched up nose)
  Annette, captured my little guy's hand motion. Too cute!
 Lance, ripping paper to make a collage.
 The cross represents that Jesus is the center of history. He is our light.
I know some Heart of Dakota users don't like to do the crafts because some view it as busywork. I thought this too at first but now that I've been using Beyond (and now Little Hearts) I use the craft as a way for the children to narrate what they have learned, other times I have them tell their dad what it means and as the days and weeks go by, I'll pick it up and ask about it. Now I see the craft as reinforcing what my children are learning. I don't feel that it's busywork or a waste of time anymore. Yes, eventually some might end up in the trash and others will be saved but I do take pictures of them all.

Ethan, is slowly moving through his cursive workbook.
His copywork for today. This was actually last weeks poem. I like it better than this weeks passage.
 When Caleb and Brent completed their Shurley English assignment and I didn't give out a sticker, Brent asked, "Do we get a sticker?". Apparently even the older children like their stickers. Today, I gave them a yellow dot and told them to make any kind of face on it that they liked (happy, sad, mad etc.). Caleb not only made a face but added a body =)

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  1. Annette is doing beautifully in Analytical Grammar, and that is known to be one tough program! Go Annette!!!

    The kids look like they are enjoying HOD so much!


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