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Day 94

This week has been hard to get through. It's one of those weeks where I don't want to do anything but clean the house, read a book or just sit around. I know I can't do that so I am getting through it. I didn't get as many lessons in as I would have liked.

This week not only have I been out of it but so have some of the children, there seems to be some bug floating around. Josh, has been tired all week. He's still recouping from a cold he had a few weeks ago (runny nose and coughing). Brent, said his mouth and left ear hurt and has had a few headaches this week.
This morning I started with Latin. We went over the grammar part, this is where we are all having trouble.

After Latin, I sat with Josh, to go over fractions again. He keeps forgetting to reduce them and he's having trouble with remembering how to divide them.

I then read from Grandfather's box with my Preparing boys. After, they were to write a written narration. Brent, had a meltdown, but we got through it. To get through our timeline, history reading, written narration, dictation and Bible took over an hour today but we got it done.

Once done with my Preparing boys I started with my Beyond boys but never finished. We all got hooked on our Storytime read aloud, The Skippack School. Then outside our window, some telephone workers were replacing one of the poles, and that was something to see, so for an hour we watched how the wires were taken off, the pole lifted out and dropped, how they drilled, then put another pole etc. Very exciting stuff.

From the window
 From the porch.

After the telephone pole was put in and the men left, it was lunch time. We all made our own lunch.

Then it was time for All About Spelling and Shurley English with Caleb and Brent. They completed AAS level 2 and will start level 3 on Monday, yay!!! With Shurley they were able to complete the sentences on their own. I still wrote the sentences on the board. The first sentence we corrected together. The second sentence Brent, wanted to correct it, so he would tell me what to put above each word. He did well. They were able to identify the, subject noun, articles, adj., transitive verb, direct object, preposition, object of the preposition, compound prep. and adverbs.

In Him,

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  1. Sounds like it's time for a one week break...think about it. When I used to homeschool all of mine and we had weeks like that,a week off always charged all of our batteries!

    Sounds like Shurley is a real winner. Josh just isn't meshing with anything we do for grammar. I'm at my wit's end. Maybe I'll try the English paces next year. :(

    ((((Rest Up)))


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