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Doing Their Best

This past weekend Annette and Josh helped their father paint an apartment that needs to be finished by the first of March. My husband and the apartment manager where pretty impressed with how well they painted. The apartment manager commented that they paint a lot better than some adults she knew.

Lupe is a good teacher. One of the many things I love about my husband is he will do the job right and that's what he teaches his children. If he makes a mistake he learns from it, redoes the job and doesn't make the same mistake again.

He teaches the children not only to do their best but go above and beyond.

I must say, he's a good man and I'm so happy he's my husband and I'm his wife (big smile).


  1. Thumbs up for good husbands and fathers!

  2. He is a good dad and a great husband, Linda! You are blessed!


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