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Happy Birthday Ethan

Ethan, turned 9 years old!!!

Happy Birthday Ethan.
We purchased one of his favorite cakes from Costco.
 What cute lips.

 Grandpa got him some soldiers.
 Auntie V. asked Ethan what he wanted for his birthday and he told her a blanket.
 A ship from mom and dad.
His little cousin gave him a dart gun.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ethan!!!! I love the pic where you are blowing out the candles! (his lips do look adorable, Linda!)

    What a lovely cake! I've never seen one so big and pretty!!!

    What cool gifts! You are one loved little boy!!! :) :) :)

  2. A Very Happy Birthday, Ethan!! I hope all your birthday wishes come true!!

    Looks like he had a GREAT birthday. I LOVE the candles. Have a SUPER rest of the weekend!


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