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Just a Few Thoughts for Next Year

I made some huge changes in Dec./Jan. because of this I haven't been doing a whole lot of searching for next year. In fact I realized I haven't been looking around but I do have some concerns for our 12/13 school year.

Joshua, will start 9the grade and here is what I have planned so far.
English 1credit (Bob Jones literature (half semester) Bob Jones Grammar (half semester) Writing With Style)
Math 1credit-Systematic Math with Teaching Textbooks when needed.
History 1 credit- Bob Jones 9th grade geography
Science 1 credit-Biology 101
Elective 1 credit-Bible~Bob Jones
(MFW) 1/2 credit
Woodworking (MFW) 1/2 credit
Latin-Latin Road to English Grammar (not sure how many credits this is)

I'm a newbie when it comes to high school, so I don't know if I need woodworking. There is also typing that I would like him to take.

Another option for Josh would be to use My Father's World high school program  for Bible, History and English. But Joshua really likes the DVDs that he is using this year with Bob Jones. The only thing with this is it's very expensive and we won't be using all the subjects, BUT it would be cheaper if not the same to just purchase the whole program. That's my thoughts with Josh and high school.

English with Caleb and Brent, I'm trying to figure out if we should continue with Shurley English or switch to Rod and Staff English. Heart of Dakota (HOD) uses and schedules Rod and Staff. I have read on the HOD Forum that there are some Rod & Staff lessons that are skipped and they use some of the writing components from it as well. My concern is I don't want to miss anything, so I'm not sure if I  should switch.
I do like Shurley and had hoped to use it for another year at least.

English with Annette, should I start her with Shurley or Rod and Staff? If I do use Heart of Dakota with her (praying we will), again, should I stick with what HOD recommends and schedules or use Shurley English (which she has hinted she would like to use)??? 

Math~I like Caleb using Math-U-See but am considering switching him to Teaching Textbook after he completes MUS Zeta. The reason being is he can do this completely on his own. I'm not sure if Math-U-See Pre-Algebra DVDs would work. What I mean is, can he watch the DVD (like he does now) and do the math pages? Of course if he needs help I'll be there to help. Basically, is it going to be too difficult. Right now he is half way through Epsilon and will most likely start Zeta either in the summer or fall. Which means he may start Pre-Algebra sometime next school year for 6th grade (or maybe not, depending on how well he understand the Zeta material).

Those are something I've been pondering.


  1. Linda, he only needs about 6 credits a year to equal 24 by Graduation. The plan you have now looks perfect! :)

  2. High School can be scary. Not sure where you live, but here in CA woodworking would count towards an applied arts credit. Looks like a great plan.


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