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Lance May Use Little Hearts for His Glory (Heart of Dakota)

I may be crazy but I'm seriously thinking about putting Lance in a lower Heart of Dakota Guide.

I'm not sure if I can fit another hour into my schedule but I do believe it would be best for Lance. Heart of Dakota is truly a skill based curriculum. One doesn't place their child by what time period you want to start with or if one would like to combine children (although some are able to make it work this way).
Currently he is using Beyond with Ethan, but he is not doing any of the copywork.
So when he gets to Bigger he'll really be swimming and barely staying afloat.
This is why I may be backing him up a guide.
Bigger requires more writing than Beyond and Lance still has trouble writing his letters. Lance is also my immature child. It must be because he is the baby and everyone thinks he's so cute. From the top of his head right down to he cute little toes. It's hard not too baby the guy but we are certainly tryong not to.
My last reason is, I would love to spend Mommy and Lance time together.
Little Hearts is a k/1st grade program, so I don't feel like he will be 'behind'. Since he will start Little Hearts so late in the school year and most likely will continue until he finishes sometime in the fall or winter, I'll add Rod and Staff English 2 next year along with appropriate math.

I happen to have almost the exact amount of gift certificates to pay for Little Hearts. I was saving them for Annette who will use HOD next year. It will be hard to part with them.

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  1. Praying as you make your decisions! It's so hard to teach so many different grade levels.


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