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Park Day

My dad took the kiddos and I to the park today and treated us to some Jack-in-the Box tacos =)

Josh, this morning reading the Word before starting his busy day.
Joshua, is starting a little business. I'll have to write more on it soon but I also wanted to post a summary that he wrote from his Bob Jones history textbook.

Farmers were able to grow more in less space, so there were bigger harvest which meant an increase in the populations. Industries as well as agriculture felt the hand in science in the eighteenth century with the coming of steam power. Individual labor was no longer practical. Although many people found jobs living in a factory town, conditions were not pleasant. John Wesley often went to factories before the day shift and preached.

I know it's not perfect but I thought he did pretty well. I need to read the chapter that he wrote about.


  1. A park day sounds lovely!

  2. Great job on that summary, Joshua. Now I want to know about John Wesley? :)

    Park Day, tacos, fun! :)


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