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We have gone through so many pencil sharpeners. We can't seem to keep one for very long. We have purchased many of the plastic ones. The blade doesn't last very long. I have purchased one like I use to use in school, my dad even bought me a pretty pink hand, cranked one that was plastic. After two falls it broke. Our last one was a battery operated one that cost $15.00 at Target. I thought this was the one but it recently gave out. Lately my Sweets has been sharpening pencils with his drill. There is an attachment for pencils! Pretty interesting.

Because of the pencil sharpening problem, you can almost always be certain that when you pick up a pencil at Homeschooling6 there will not be a point. It has happened many times.

My dad one time came over and gave me 7 sharpened pencils. He said, 6+1. One for each child and the teacher.
Thanks dad =)

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