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Valentines Day

My Sweets surprised Annette and I with some flowers. I love how he is including Annette. She is growing up and he wants to let her know how special she is as a young lady.
 The roses are mine. Do you see my little Caleb in the back?

 We also got the children little boxes of hearts.
 The top heart was Annette's
Teddy face~Lance
China Panda~Brent
Pirate bird~Ethan
Yellow robot~Josh
Just a little something on Valentines Day!


  1. Linda, the flowers are lovely! I love that he got some for Annette. She will never forget that! :)

    I love how you got each of them a different themed heart!!! The panda is my favorite...;)

  2. How special that your husband got flowers for your daughter!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!!

    The hearts match up with the receiver! Great job in finding such a variety of boxes. :)


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