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Week 19

Like with my week, I'm not really up to doing a week in review but I'll at least put the sign up.
Week 19~2012.

I'll add some pictures.

Caleb is the Timez Attack King!
 As you can see, he pretty much was the 'king' before too. He knows his multiplication facts. He did increase is multiplication knowledge my 2%.
 Lance, had us all writing our names connected. It was fun. You should try it.
 Everyone makes their own lunch.
 Lance, sleeps in the weirdest places.
 Lance, checked out a science book because 'he loves science'. I didn't know that he was a science guy until recently. Learn something new everyday.
He found a white flower and his book said to put it in a glass of water with blue dye.
At first he thought the glass had to be exactly like the one in the book but I explained to him that we could use any glass (remember~specific bob, specific).
 I'm really enjoying Heart of Dakota's Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. The boys love the reading time, I love that I'm reading  aloud to them again and I absolutely love that we are talking about Christ more.
I will confess that I'm taking a more relaxed approach. I don't do everything in the guide. I would like to but I'm not going to stress if we don't. As long as we do history reading, Bible Study, Science reading and geography I'm happy. It's a lot more than what we were doing.
Of course I add in All About Reading with Lance. With Ethan, he reads from the emerging reader book choice from HOD, he continues to use All About Spelling, Explode the Code, Penmanship and Cursive practice. He doesn't do all these on the same day.
Then they have their own level of math.

Since I've written this much I might as well write a little more. Annette, started the review book for Analytical Grammar. Instead of having here complete one page a week, she will do three pages per week. Once done, she'll continue with Season 2 of Analytical Grammar.
I think next year I will have her use Shurley English. I was going to have her use Bob Jones Grammar but I'm not sure if we will rerent the DVDs and I don't want something that teacher intensive. Also, I think she wants to use Shurley. She hears us singing the jingles and will join in. She has actually said that the Shurley jingles has helped her while analyzing her sentences from Analytical Grammar.

Josh is doing well with Bob Jones. He enjoys watching the DVDs. His new favorite subject is Literature. He finished Systematic Math level 6/1 and will start level 6/2 on Monday. He is still using Teaching Textbook 6 as a supplement. I will pull it out and have him use it a few times a week but this doesn't happen every week.
He is still using Sequential Spelling with the DVDs. At times I'll give him the spelling list, so I can reinforce some rules but for the most part he does it on his own.

Well, quiet time is over, so I'll stop rambling.


  1. Writing names like that looks like fun ;).

  2. Love the pictures, your little guy sleeping behind the ironing board is too cute. I too did not want to post my wrap up this week. But I did.

  3. Looks like a good week. How do you like Timez Attack?

  4. It looks like a good week, mama!! We have been fighting the blah's and the yuckies around here, too!


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