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Week 20

Week 20. February 6th-10th, 2012

We had a lighter week than usual. The four younger kids didn't do All About Spelling or Grammar.
Everyone did math daily.
My Preparing boys completed Unit 6.
My Beyond boys completed Unit 8.

My Preparing boys made some Egyptian sweet rolls. They came out pretty good (will insert a photo later). They also had to describe the moon using personification. At first this was really hard for them, so I sat down and did the assignment too. Once they read mine (before we started we brainstormed together and wrote some of our ideas on the whiteboard) it go their juices flowing. Brent really liked the assignment and read his description to his dad when he arrived home from work.
Caleb and Brent can't find our book Write Through History. This book is what they use to copy a few paragraphs a week and draw. Since we don't know where it is, I've been having them copy their poems, one stanza a day in handwriting. I ordered another book so we can continue. Thankfully I found one used for $8.00.

My Beyond boys are continue to enjoy learning about the pilgrims. This week we went over the continents. We found what continent we live in, what country, state and city. They also identified the countries around the USA. They also are learning about the earth's rotation. How long a day and year is.

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