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Weekend Wrap-up

Weekend Wrap-up
Feb. 10th~12, 2012
This Weekend Wrap-up is a week late because I was too tired and unmotivated to blog last week.

Our weekends starts Friday night.
My little serious warrior.
 Happy warrior.
 We watch Gold Rush every Friday. We talk to the children about the show. The last season of Gold Rush, they didn't meet their dollar amount. Many people see it as a failure, but we told the children that these men did not fail. They are out there working and working hard to provide for their families. They are not sitting with a 'drink' in front of the television, just waiting for something to happen. No, these men are out there trying to make it.
 Josh and Lance, watching Gold Rush.
 Ethan, brought me flowers.
 Gotta have cookies.
 Lupe, took Annette, to a Father~Daughter dinner at Chick-fil-A.
 Notes to each other.
 He also took our two neices.
They had a very enjoyable evenning. The table was reserved, there was a live harpist. The food was served as if they were dinning at the Olive Garden or The Lobster Trap. It was very nice.

We helped my SIL sort through her stuff that she will be selling. My Sweets called it a 'Sorting Party' and we all laughed.
Below is the truck load of stuff my sister was given.
 Ethan, seeing what we threw in the trash.

 My dad and Annette.
 Me looking at what to box.
 Father and daughter, trying to figure out what the yellow, round thing is.
 Josh, opening a bag to see what treasures are inside. Brent, standing next to him.

 It was really cold that weekend. The temperature was in the 20's.

 Caleb, tending the fire.
 Ethan, washing.
 Lance playing a game of Risk.


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