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Weel 21/Day 105

Week 21. February 13th-17th, 2012.

Yay, another week down. Not that I dislike school but it does feel swell to know we are chugging along and getting things done.

I posted pictures throughout the week, so please scroll down (or if coming from the WTM or HOD forum hit the home button, then scroll) to see them.

Joshua, is doing well with his studies. He enjoys using and watching the DVDs from Bob Jones distance learning. I think if our DVD player worked, he'd watch them for pure entertainment.
He completed Sequential Spelling lesson 53 today. Started Unit 5 of Analytical Grammar. Completed lesson 3 from Systematic Math 6/2. One of his favorite subjects is copywork and the other is Literature. Thankfully Josh, loves to learn and almost all subjects are his favorite.

Annette, is doing so well with her school. She writes out her schedule, finds a comfy spot and gets her work done. I don't see here for a few hours some days. Other days she'll do her school work in the kitchen which I like.
She completed Analytical Review book Season 1. Monday, she'll start Season 2. It is becoming challenging for her, so I do sit with her a bit more. Usually after quiet time or after supper. She still finds America the Beautiful interesting. She has finished the first half of the course.
A Nature Study with Aunt Bessie~again, she enjoys this, most of the time. She doesn't like having to write about wasps because she doesn't care for them. For the most part she is enjoying her science studies. If it wasn't for us planning on using HOD next school year, she would most likely continue with Queen's Nature Studies. I still might purchase one more for her. She wants to do Summer by the Sea (although that one is for high school).
Soaring with Spelling, she is doing fine. Some lessons she has a hard time with the spelling words and other times she can skip a lesson. She continues to get frustrated when she misses more than a few words.
She continues to copy passages from Copywork for Girls and Verses From the Bible.

Caleb and Brent, completed another unit of Preparing Hearts. Next week they will start Unit 8. Hard to believe we have been using Preparing for two months now.
Brent, completed Teaching Textbook lesson 66. He is half way through. Caleb, has reached the half way mark in his math (Math-U-See).

Ethan, completed Unit 9 of Beyond Little Hearts. He id doing well with it. He didn't do any Rod and Staff English this week. I need to get back into my groove. I have slacked a few times these past couple of week. Although we didn't use our formal English program he did do a few from the Heart of Dakota Guide. Ethan, completed Teaching Textbook lesson 73. Like Brent, he is half way through the program.
Geography~the circles are Indian footprints that the Pilgrims followed and found baskets of corn. I would tell Ethan, to take one step north or two steps east etc.
 A page from Explode the Code 3.

Lance, too completed another week of Beyond School. He really enjoys learning about the Pilgrims (they both do). He completed two lesson of All About Reading and two lessons of math. He'll do another math lesson later today. Right now he is learning how to tell time.

Just a few pictures.

Josh, cleaning off the knives he purchased from Ebay. He plans to sell them.
My flowers from my Beloved.
Annette's flowers from her dad.

 Ethan made a Valentine card for Grandpa.

That's about it for us! Have a good weekend =)


  1. looks like a full and busy week. Off to check out your other pictures.

  2. Ahhh, Annette looks SO happy with her flowers! What a thoughtful Dad. And your flowers are pretty too.

    The picture of Josh made me smile. :)

  3. Aww- sweet flowers from Daddy!

  4. What a great week! I love the flowers!


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