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Alert Cadet Banquet 2012

My Sweets, Joshua, Caleb and Brent are in the Alert Cadet program. Every year they have a banquet where the father awards their son with a Character Quality Trait Certificate.

Brent, ready to go.
 My boys spoil me. There is always one ready and waiting for mama at the car. They wait until I'm comfy inside before they close the car door.
 The three Alert Cadet boys
 All five boys. Looks like Ethan, isn't too happy with me taking a picture of him.
 All six of my children.
 Father and sons in front of the Texas, American and Alert Cadet flags.

 All members. They sang some hymns.
 Lupe presenting Brent his certificate.
I caught them  making the same face expression in both photos.

 Dad and Caleb.
 Dad and Josh.
 It was hard to get a good picture when someone is talking. My camera isn't fast enough to take multiple pictures. By the time I took this one and tried to take another, they were walking back to their seats.

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