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Day 118

My book holders have come in so handy. I have used the one in the front for the past two years to hold my teacher manuals up while I teach (I'm one of the moms that stand in front of a whiteboard). I would really like a music stand for them, because I can adjust it and have it right next to me. There would be no more turning around.
 I had been meaning to buy a few more from Staples, when someone on the Heart of Dakota forum mentioned that they use the Acrylic Cookbook Holder, so I thought I'd try it. I like them both. I do plan to purchase a few more because they come in so handy. The children use them too.
Here Brent, is using one of the book holders to hold up his Draw and Write Through History book.

As for school it was a busy day. My schedule went
Preparing Hearts with Caleb and Brent~Vocabulary word, Geography, History, Bible,
Beyond School with Ethan~Beyond spelling, Rod and Staff Grammar, Storytime, Bible, History.
Checked on Annette
Little Hearts School with Lance~History, Storytime, Bible, Rhymes in Motion, Thinking Skills 1pg., 1pg. Penmanship.
Checked on Josh
Lunch~heated a Marie Calender Pot Pie. Yum. It had mushrooms. Lots of calories though.
Helped Brent with his math and lastly I went over grammar and writing with Josh.

By 1:30 p.m. I was too tired to complete a Shurley English and All About Spelling lesson with Caleb and Brent.

This past week, Brent has preferred to use his Teaching Textbooks workbook. He watches the lecture, sits at the table to work on the problems. He said, it's getting to hard to do the long multiplication in his head.
 He's enjoying a bowl of crushed pineapples too! Which reminds me, I have some chocolate pudding in the fridge (off to get some).
(okay, I'm back with my pudding)
Ethan (who doesn't like me to take pictures of him anymore), is making a paper window, using oil. Like the Pilgrims did, when they didn't have glass.

Annette, researching the life cycle of a Newt.
She is doing so well with this program.

Yesterday Joshua, started a Remedial Grammar program by the publishers of Rod and Staff.
 I am going to have him go through both levels.
He was doing okay with Analytical Grammar, but I  had to sit with him for each sentence. It's not that I mind sitting with him but this would make one lesson last several days and it took a lot of my time. I also sit with him for math almost daily as well. I needed something that he could do on his own and I could correct or go over later. When I corrected or went over his work I needed a program that took less mom time.
I might have him finish Analytical Grammar in 9th grade or switch him to Rod and Staff. I'm not sure yet which route to take.

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  1. I am wondering how you manage with that many different programs. You know I've used TOG because I have always thought it would be a benefit to have everyone doing the same thing at their own levels. However, the reality for me now is that my eldest is not pulling her weight, and is not doing well at all. There are many factors, but suffice it to say, forcing her to just go on because we are all on the same schedule just isn't working. I am taking a hard look at HOD, but I am fearful of how difficult it will be for me to keep track of everybody. If you care to email me directly, you may. jenlar1012 @ gmail.com (take out the spaces) Thanks!


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