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Day 132

I don't know if anyone has noticed but I haven't been blogging daily. The main reason, I've been exhausted. Completely tired. Days were dragging. Units weren't getting done, but today, I wasn't tired. I was able to get a lot of school done and it felt wonderful.

Lance completed;
  1. Math for a Living Education by Queen Homeschool.
  2. All About Reading, he practiced reading some words from his flipbooks. He's on lesson 26.
  3. Completed a page from his Explode the Code book.
  4. Completed a page from A Reason for Handwriting
  5. Completed a day of Little Hearts.
  1. 1 Rod and Staff lesson, wrote answers to some questions.
  2. Completed 1 Teaching Textbook lesson and I went over multiplication with him.
  3. Phonics Pathway lesson.
  4. Completed a day of Bigger Hearts.
  1. Completed 1 lesson of Teaching Textbooks.
  2. Copied a paragraph in cursive
  3. Copied a verse in cursive
  4. Completed a day of Preparing (all except the for making the scroll, we'll finish that tomorrow).
Caleb's is the same as Brent's only he completed a lesson in Math-U-See.

Caleb and Brent (and I), have started a new Bible program, God's Great Covenant NT. It's a TOS Crew item. We will stop using the Bible section from Heart of Dakota (Preparing) for now. We completed our first lesson.

Annette and Josh, completed all their lessons for today. I'm so impressed with Annette. She has been so diligent this year concerning her school. Josh, has always completed his assignments with little prodding from he. He's a good kid.

This morning I mixed my block schedule up. I started with Caleb and Brent, they didn't complete yesterday's science assignment. I helped them get started. I then had Lance, start his penmanship page. I showed him how to make the letters. Once done with Lance, I  started Ethan, on his Rod and Staff assignment. By this time Lance's Oatmeal was done (instant) and I was ready to start with my Preparing boys.
 Lance, writing his letters.
 Learning about time.

 He practiced reading from his flipbooks.
Ethan, doing Rod and Staff.
 This is a geography lesson from the previous unit.
All I have left with Ethan, is Storytime (read aloud).
Annette, comfy and cozy, not sure what she is working on.

And that is another day at Homeschooling6!

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