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Day 133

Yay, another not-so-tired day. Wahoo!


1. Practiced reading using All About Reading, same lesson. We are parked right now. I want him to read more fluently before we move to the next lesson.
2. Math Whizz
3. Completed another day of Little Hearts.
4. Completed 1pg. from Explode the Code~1
5. Practiced his letters via A Reason for Handwriting.


1. Completed a Rod and Staff lesson.
2. Completed a day from Beyond (HOD)
3. Practiced his cursive letter 'h' & 'H'.
4. Read from Phonics Pathway.

Brent & Caleb;

1.Both boys completed another day of Preparing Hearts, which included geography, copywork, history and science.
2. Both, completed two pages of Mathematical Reasoning Level F.
3. Both, completed 1 lesson from Unit 17.
4. Both, completed 1 Step/lesson from All About Spelling. It's been almost a month since we have used this.

Josh and Annette, completed all assigned work. Yay!

Lance, was suppose to be completing his penmanship page. I turned around and saw him writing in his 'code' book. I said, "Hey, you're suppose to be doing school not writing in your code book", everyone started laughing.

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