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Little Bit About the Children

Today, the children are going to have a Nerf war with some friends. Annette, asked her Grandfather if he could take her to Target, so she could buy a Nerf pistol (that's what she called it).

Josh, is adding gold to his hobby. He has purchased several books on how to find it.

Annette, wants to break her record of reading 100 books in 1 year. So, she's been busy reading.

Caleb, likes anything office, he has purchased a briefcase.

Ethan, still likes to play in the mud, climb and scare his mother with his fearless self. He is my sensitive little one. Someone (not his siblings) called him a liar and he was really upset about that.

Lance, I found him reading a Dr. Seuss book today, yay! An easy one but hey, he's reading. I think it was Fox and Socks or something like that.

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