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Need I Say More???

Here is my miserable child. Iron Man tattoo and all (he hasn't watched Iron Man and I don't plan on letting him either or the rest of his siblings)

The white shoe is his favorite. He wants to sell the pair for $20.00. He has a hard time letting go of things.


  1. Too adorable! Josh has a very difficult time letting anything go. Hmm? I wonder if it has somethign to do with being the baby of the family. He's my little hoarder. Sometimes I joke with him and show him an episode and tell him I hope that's not what his house is going to look like from collecting so much stuff. I swear, if he finds a rock outside or a dead lizard, he wants to start a collection. Drives my organized mind insane, as I'm known for saving very little sentimental things and throwing everything out...yikes. I do let them keep their collections, as long as they can find a place where I won't trip over them...


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