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Preparing School

This week the children and I made a scytale message, like the Spartan army used in ancient Greece. It's like a secret code.
Below is the one I made. Can you see the word 'husband'.
 Once the paper is unrolled, you see a bunch of letters only.
 In order to read the message, one has to have the same size cylinder. We tried using a different cylinder, so they could see how important it was to have the correct size.
 Caleb holding his Scytale.
 Brent with his.

To give an example of how much writing is in Preparing for Day 2~Unit 10. Here is what the boys did.
They copied a paragraph from Draw and Write Through History in cursive.
This happens to be one of the longer paragraphs.
They had to write a four sentence paragraph about the wind using personification.
Lastly they had to copy four vocabulary words, write the definition, copy or write their own sentence and draw a picture of the meaning.
With the vocabulary words, I usually let them do this throughout the week. As you can see from this picture below . . .
Caleb, thinks there is way too much writing already. He is copying his paragraph from Draw and Write Through History.

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