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Quick Dinner

Wednesday is AWANA night. My dinners are usually quick and easy. Last night it was fish, white rice and veggies. I usually serve brown rice but white seems to go better with the fish. I added Soy Sauce to my rice (that already had butter).
I didn't have the ingredients to make Tarter Sauce, so it was ketchup (with no Fructose Corn Syrup).


  1. Looks Yummy! And I put ketchup or barbecue on literally everything...so terrible, I know. But I love fried porkchops with ketchup and fish with ketchup...:)

  2. Dee, we are Ketchup lovers he as well. My sister Cynce, was surprised when my kiddos put it on their eggs =)

  3. But of course on their eggs! I love eggs and ketchup. You know what we consider a delicious treat, white rice and eggs with ketchup! Heaven! :) We call it our poor man's meal, but we secretly love it as much as a regular meal! :) :) :)


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