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Week 23

Week 23. February 27th-March 2nd, 2012.

This week instead of writing everything that each child did, I'll give some pictures or highlights.

Joshua, continues to outline and narrate from his history and science text. He said today, "Mom, I love my history book, it is full of so much information". He pulls his Bob Jones history books from this year and last just to read on his own time. He rereads parts as well and outlines or writes notes on his own during 'non' school hours.
He is enjoying his writing program, Writing with Skill.
Here is one of his assignments. It has not been corrected yet.

Smallpox was a feared disease. Half of the people who got this feared diseased died. Smallpox was a deadly disease, impossible to avoid.
Edward Jenner was born in 1749. He inoculated against Smallpox as a child which made him sick. He trained as a doctor in 1762 for eight years and worked as an apprentice. In 1170 he wen to St. George's Hospital.
He started to use medicine in his hometown in 1773. He noticed that the milk maids had not come down with the Smallpox disease. Jenner did know that they got Cowpox. The locals believed that having had Cowpox gave them immunity to Smallpox.
He began to research the relationship between the two diseases. Jenner found two forms of Cowpox. Only one gave immunity to Smallpox.
Jenner inoculated James Phipps, the boy was only eight years old. James had a small fever, but was immuned. The vaccine was tested on twenty-three more people.
Jenner did not know why they worked, but he did have faith that his observations were true.
When his results were published, doctors were skeptical. Even the RSM refused to accept his discovery. Vaccines was slowly being accepted.

With Annette's science 'A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie', I have been paying more attention to her summaries. She doesn't really like the help I give her to improve her writing. She has been working on accepting my help with out sighing though. Now she needs to work on her body language. I am working on, not getting upset when she gets upset.
Here is what she completed today.
 Her penmanship could improve. Again, this was from today, so I haven't corrected it.
Annette, has been very diligent with her studies. I'm impressed this year. I do think collecting tickets helped her at the beginning of the year to encourage her to complete her assignments. Now, though, she does it because she enjoys the challenge of completing her work. She still receives tickets but I see her maturing in this area.

Preparing School~9
This weeks History Project~the boys made a sign with the meaning of their name. This was to hang on their bedroom door but the boys wanted to keep it in their notebook.
On their signs they drew things about themselves. Caleb put things like a walkie-talkie, lock, rifle, flashlights and binoculars.
 Here is Caleb's written narration.
 For the narration, I read the passage, asked the questions in the Preparing Guide, and I gave the start-off sentence from the Guide as well. I gave them time to write the narration, then I went over the narration with them separately. We corrected misspelled words and checked punctuation. I wrote it with the corrections and they copyed it.
These narrations are a bit more difficult for my boys from what they were using before. With Writing with Ease 2, I was still writing the narrations. I have been weaning them off that these past nine weeks with Preparing.

Below, is a passage Caleb copied from Draw and Write Through History.
He didn't capitalize his cursive 'H'. He probably needs to practice that letter.
Brent, has done the same work as Caleb. This week I thought I'd show Caleb's work, for some reason I usually show Brent's.
The boys enjoyed our Storytime of Aesop's Fables. I found Brent reading ahead in the book. So excited about that. 

Beyond School~Unit 10
This week we learned about the water cycle.
Below is a bag of water with blue food coloring. We taped this to a window and watched how a cloud formed. Ethan, learned that water can be a solid~snow, hail, liquid~rain, and gas~vapor.
 Ethan, completed two lessons this week of Rod and Staff English.
 He copied two sentences from Rod and Staff English 2.
 He also helped me make Lasagna for the Father~Daughter Banquet.

Little Hearts School~Unit 1
This was my first week with Little Hearts and it was fun for both Lance and myself.
 The books below is what we used today. Explode the Code is not part of Heart of Dakota's program, it's one of the few things I've added to his school day.
 Working on his penmanship.
 He did this while I was reading The Adventure of Reddy Fox.
 Here he is lifting the blue paper because I said a name of a sea creature. He lifts a brown paper if I say the name of a land animal.

He is learning about the beginning of time when God made the heavens and the earth.


  1. Looks like a productive week. Pictures of books always make my heart flutter!!!

    I have a "sigher" too who doesn't like to be corrected, but I figure eventually he will get tired of getting corrected and decide to do it the right way instead of his way. Right? LOL

  2. Looks like fun! I'm intrigued by Annette's science program. In looking at the online samples, it looks like there is a lot of on your own research. Do they have books that they suggest to go along with it, or is it just wherever you can find the information? Blessings.

  3. No, there is not a book list. I haven't put a filter on our computer yet, so I sit with her. Once we find the site she would like to use, she is on her own. At times she will use the library but mostly it's the computer.


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