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Week 24/Day 119

 Week 24. March 5th-9th, 2012.
As I was looking for my Homeschooling 6 Week in Review, I found this old photo from 2008. Look how little they all are. Josh was 9 and Lance was 3 years old.

Where to start? I guess I'll start with my youngest and work my way up.

Little Hearts School~Lance 1st Grade

Unit 2
Little Hearts is a lot of fun. Lance enjoys the Rhymes in Motion. This is where they get to wiggle around. This week Lance had to hop backwards to the Rhyme 'Just Because of Sin'.
We focused on Ephesians 6:1. I read stories from 101 Favorite Stories. I like this Bible reader because the illustrations are so vibrant.
Today, Lance made a boat from foil...
 placed it in water....
 added weights...
 eventually it sank.
 This corresponded with how God had Noah make the Ark so it would float with the weight of all those animals.
 Lance, reading to our house guest....
  Bandit! He is staying with us for five days.

Beyond School~Ethan 3rd Grade
Unit 11
This weeks history reading has been from American Pioneers and Patriots.
The Pilgrims have just finished making a common house in the month of December. Brrrrr.
Ethan made an oiled paper window covering out of a paper bag.
The verse he focused on this week was Psalm 143:10.
Ethan, also completed 5 Teaching Textbook lessons, copied his AWANA verse as well as part of this weeks poem. He completed three Rod and Staff English lessons.

The yellow is the animal cell's cytoplasm, the ball is the nucleus and I think the waxed paper is the membrane.
The marshmallows is the vacuoles.
The jelly is mitochondria.
Brent's lab sheet. He wrote and drew about the experiment. Ethan in the back completing his math.
All About Spelling with Caleb and Brent.
 AAS dictation passages. I dictated three sentences, and the wrote all the words correctly. So excited!

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