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Week 26/Day 134

Week 26. March 19-23, 2012.

Preparing School
This week Caleb and Brent were excited to use Mathematical Reasoning Level F.
They completed four pages (they started this yesterday).
 My Preparing boys completed Unit 12. This weeks focus was The Israelites in Babylon.
They made a scroll.
 One of their vocabulary words was 'cherub'. They wrote the word, definition, and a sentence. They were suppose to draw a picture, but I looked one up on the Internet, printed it and they taped it to the index card.
I accidentally printed a few extra, so Caleb drew faces on them. He made one good and one bad. Like in the cartoons he made one say, "Do the right thing" and the other say, "No, do wrong". I guess he must have watched one of those old cartoons.
Brent and Caleb, completing their math pages.
 Brent, wore that bag on his head all day.
Day 5, they had to draw a dinosaur, cut it up and switch. Brent had to put Caleb's dinosaur together and vice versa. This was so they can see how hard it is to put the bones of one together.

Here is a sample from last weeks written narration. The underlined portion is the prompt from the Heart of Dakota Guide (HOD).
In Israel, Athaliah tried to kill of her nephews but one of the nephews got saved by Jehosheba the daughter of Athaliah. They hid him in the temple untell (until) he was seven and crond(crowned) him king and Athaliah was killed.

In Israel, Athaliah tried to wipe out the royal family. Except one of the nephews was saved by Jehosheba his aunt. His aunt hid him in the temple on tell he was seven then Jehoiada crowned him king. The wicked grandmother came and shouted treason but the guards urested (arrested) her and put her to death.

After they write them I go over it with each one. I talked to Brent about his run on sentence and so forth. I would like them to copy the corrected narration but they already have so much writing to do. I'll have to figure something out.

Beyond School

Ethan completed Unit 12 and this weeks focus was on Samoset and Squanto Help the Pilgrims.
Below is one of his Rod and Staff assignments. He completed four lessons.
 With Rod and Staff, he is on unit 1 lesson 21. This year and through the summer, he will continue with R&S level 2. Once the new school year starts in Sept. I'll switch him to level 3.

Artistic Expression this week, he made 'PEACE' heart. God is with us through good and bad times. We have peace through the Holy Spirit.
Ethan, completed four Teaching Textbooks lesson. Next week he will start lesson 84.
He also practiced reading from Phonics Pathways.
I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I want him to use All About Spelling (he's almost done with level 1) but Phonics Pathways is so easy to pull from the shelf, sit on the couch and read.
Our Storytime book this week was 'Freedoms Wings'

Little Hearts
Lance, completed unit 3. His unit focused on Abraham and his Descendants.
On day five I was reading from Devotions for the Children's Hour, when we finished he said, "It's hard to be good but easy to be bad" so, we had a talk about that.
Lance, also completed four days of Math-Whizz and four days of All About Reading.
Lance learned about God's gift of the nose.
 He had to smell and match.

 Brent wanted to try too.


Reading his history book and taking notes.

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  1. Looks like another fun week! The boys narrations were awesome! They made very minor errors(easily erased and corrected) and their spelling is very good!


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