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Week 27/Day 139

It seems a few times a year I get the blogging blahs. It's really weird because I love to blog but I just go through a time when I don't know what to write or have the energy. Strange for a gal like me who loves to write about her days.

Week 27. Day 139. March 6-30, 2012.

Because I'm in my weird blogging mood, I'll do like I did last week. A review with pictures. It won't be so detailed. Who knows, maybe once I get started it'll get my blogging juices flowing.

Well, for starters we did a few science experiments, thanks to a product I'm reviewing.

I had a new student this week. My nephew Little J.
He joined in on some homeschooling fun.
Making and Egyptian collar from Little Hearts School
Here he is squeezed among my busy little bees.
 A 'Little People' from Fisher Price - break.

I love watching the Little People myself.
 All comfy and relaxed.
 Read aloud time.
 Sticker time.
The children have been so helpful with keeping Little J. busy.

My Preparing boys finished another unit (almost). They still need to make the timeline cards.
The boys studying together.
Last week we started God's Great Covenant, a study of the New Testament.
 Brent, finishing his Independent History.
 Brent, writing his written narration.
 Caleb, completing a lesson from Ko's Journey.
Made an invisible message.
Ethan, almost finished his unit.
My friend Dee, sent some beginner chapter books. Ethan right away picked the Detective Dog series. There is actually three books but I couldn't find the 2nd at the time when this picture was taken.
 Ethan, only completed three lessons this week of Teaching Textbooks.
He also did some copywork, read from Phonics Pathways and studied his spelling words.

Lance, climbed the walls.
 Completed Unit 4. I tried to stay on task by writing what needed to be done on the acrylic cookbook holder.
 Made an Egyptian collar.
 Practiced his times tables via Timez Attack. He still needs to get his addition and subtraction fact memorized. Lately he's been fascinated with multiplication. He also made a multiplication book.
 Had puzzle time. Annette reading from her America the Beautiful history book.
Annette's drawing has improved this year with using Taking a Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie.
 My desk this week.

 Joshua, has matured so much this school year. He went from me making out his school schedule, to him doing it on his own. He corrects some of his own work now too!
Here he is working on Systematic Math.
Hope you enjoyed this Week in Review with pictures.

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  1. Great pics.
    I especially liked the "climbing the walls" one :)


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