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Weekend Wrap-up

Friday night Annette and Lupe went to the Father~Daughter Banquet. Annette, looks forward to this every year. Two amazing mamas host this at our church.
Lupe, is talking about his sweet Annette.

 The boys and I stayed home and made some Muddy Buddies and watched Gold Rush.

 This weekend I ate my M&Ms that were given to me on Wednesday.
 Brent, built this great wall. In our history lessons we read about the Trojan war.

Annette and Lupe, trying to get a stain out of the apartment carpet.
 Josh, helping with the apartment too. This one is ready to rent! Yay!

Lupe and I also went on our weekly date. We ate at Meteor Burgers and went to Target. It was fun spending time with my Sweets.

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  1. Beautiful girl like her beautiful momma! :)

    That's a hardworking bunch you have there! I would be so proud!


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