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Weekend Wrap-up

Our weekend begins Friday after school is completed. Here is our weekend in pictures.
Lance, is serious about finishing his AWANA book this year.

 This is all he needs. Yay!
 Brent, picked the biggest weed or is a chunk of grass?
 I don't have 17 kids, so why do I have 17 toothbrushes? This weekend I had the children pick their one toothbrush. The rest will be used to clean the sink.
 This should go with the Bandit post. He was such a part of our family for the week we watched him, that Lance added him to the 'height' wall.
 We ate our veggies this weekend. My dad bought us a huge bag.
 I found this critter on my window, which needs a detailed cleaning (embarrassing).
 Ethan eating his lunch outside.
 Our backyard has lots of mud. Looks like someone had fun with it.
 Lance, making his bed in the kitchen.

 Lupe and I ate at In-N-Out this weekend.
 Bought some cooked chickens from Costco. What sweet kiddos to take all the meat off of them for me. I had a pounding headache.
 The owners of Bandit, gave us some Thank You cookies and a note.

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