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WeeK 25/Day 129

Weel 25. Day 129. March12-16, 2012.

This week I have lots of pictures, so I'll call it "A Week in Review with Pictures"

I'm going to start with my 6th grader, Annette.
Here are her books. She did a full load of school this week.
 She usually tackles her subjects in the living room.
 What a sweet looking girl. She really is. I love her so much.
In this picture she is helping me review a new writing program for TOS Crew, so more about that later.
Annette, is learning a lot about creepy~crawlers this year using A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie. Some like spiders and beetles are not so fun, but she's a good sport and gets those assignments done. She does a lot of research, writes summaries, compares and draws the little critters. She said, this science program is an art program too.

 This week was a review week in spelling. She is using Soaring with Spelling and Vocab.

 Annette, working on Write with World. This week she had to describe herself.
 Here she is writing about the picture. It's a pretty neat writing course.
 For Bible~AWANA, she had to make a devotional book. She has done some writing assignments this year in AWANA. A few weeks ago she had to write a paragrah about her mom and dad's marriage.
 She is enjoying America the Beautiful.
She has been coloring this map throughout the year. She does some sort of map work everyday.
 She likes to draw little pictures in her math book.
 She also leaves me little notes {see the heart). She has completed lesson 21 and 22.
She does copywork daily from Copywork for Girls or Bible Verses. Both from Queen Homeschool.

Joshua, my 8th grader.
His work-space. He likes to sit in the 'teacher' area.
 He loves having a cup of hot chocolate as all the kids do.
In the picture below he is working on summary using his history textbook. He LOVES using Bob Jones.
Joshua, also completed grammar, Bible, Literature and copywork. He skipped Sequential Spelling, math and science this week.
Joshua, as been so faithful with learning his AWANA verses and reading his Bible daily. I hear him reciting verses daily as well.

Both Josh and Annette completed another Latin chapter. They have been so diligent with Latin. A few days ago I heard Josh, practicing his Latin words in the shower.
Their Latin teacher ;)

Preparing School
Completed Unit~11
I can't find one of my Preparing books. I thought I collected them all and put them in one place before we started. I guess I forgot one because I can't find The Great Dinosaur Mystery.

This is used for Independent Science. Instead I had them pick another book and read two pages a day.
This year with using Preparing, I'm calling it 'The Year of Training'. I have discussed with the boys that this year I am preparing the boys for next school year's work load. They need to do more school on their own.
It takes more time but I know it will pay off next year. When one of the boxes has an 'S' or 'I'. I am having them read it to me. Before I  would read it to them.
Below is what a day looks like.
The two boxes on the bottom are 'Independent History' and 'Independent Science', so I have them read the box to me. There is one box that has 'S' which means semi independent. Again, I have them read it to me. I'll help with any words they don't know. I'll also ask if they understand what needs to be done.
Caleb reading The Young Christian's Introduction to the Bible.
 Brent practicing is typing skills using Typer Island, except we have the older version.
 Brent, did a few pages from his drawing course.

 Brent's copywork. Caleb did the same copywork.

Beyond School
Ethan, didn't finish a complete Unit. We did one day.
He did complete some copywork this week.

Little Hearts School
Lance, finished one day of Little Hearts.
With the two youngers I took the week off from teaching.


  1. WOW - thanks for the wonderful, detailed review this week. It is nice to see how others do what they do.

  2. She's a sweetie like her momma!

    Looks like a great week! The kids are all working so hard!


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