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I'm still in my blogging blah. I miss blogging regularly though. It's been crazy~busy here.

I am watching my 4 year old nephew during the day and his two siblings once they get home from school. I think part of blogging blues is the fact that I don't get two hours of uninterrupted time anymore. Not a bad thing but when I blog I need my time.

I don't blog when the children are awake during the day. At night I don't blog unless every, single, person is in bed. Hubby included.

By the time everyone is in bed, I am too! I'm usually a night owl, but my Sweets and I have been walking at night. When we get home it's past nine. I then take a shower and prep for the next school day, by the time I'm done, I'm ready for bed as well.

Hopefully once again I'll find my groove.

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