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Resurrection Sunday

We had a wonderful Resurrection Day! The bunny, not so good. Poor Fluffy was just too good. We ate him.

Bunny Parts

It rained, thundered and God took a few pictures of us =) but we continued on with our Resurrection Day BBQ.
 Annette and Lance, I think he was running.
 Dad and Annette
 Dad tickling his Annette.
 Some retreated to the house to eat.
 Lupe, cut Joshua's hair before church this morning. He looks so handsome.
 My dad with Lupe. Look how wet my Sweets is.
 Hot dogs, sausage, hamburgers and steak. Yum!
 My sweet girl.
 Mom and dad all wet.

The night before I put together some treats for the children.
Each child received a Pez, chocolate bunny, marshmallow bunny, 3 peeps, plastic egg with Jelly Beans and 4 mini candy bars.
 I cut a lunch bag and wrote Happy Resurrection Day (name of child).
 Ethan's bag.
 Then I put their treats on the kitchen table with 'Fluffy'.

 Brent the next morning (before his hair cut).
 Lance, just woke up. Yes, he slept in his clothes.

The Bunny

I have been meaning to make a bunny cake for EVER! For some reason or another (like me being lazy) I just don't get to it.
I looked at my children and realized that they are growing up way too fast. This really motivated me to make my little, I mean HUGE bunny cake. From this Easter forward Fluffy will be part of our Resurrection Sunday tradition.
 Fluffy, looks a bit hunched in the picture below.
 I think I cut too much off for the tail. Fluffy, ate too much because he's almost 7 inches tall.
 I used two cake mixes (next year I'll make the cake from scratch) and a large Wilton cake pan.
I Googled 'Bunny Ears Template' and found the ones below.
I taped toothpicks and inserted the ears into the cake.

Before pouring the cake batter into the pan, I separated the batter into three separate bowls. Ethan, picked the color for each bowl. Yellow, blue and red. I told the children that Christ rose in three days, so three different colors will remind us of that.

He has risen. He has risen indeed!

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