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Campfire Cones

I have pinned so many things at Pinterest that I thought I'd better start making and/or using the ideas. Yesterday I made Campfire Cones.
Source: chefjessicabright.com via Homeschooling6 on Pinterest

We put ours in the oven though.

The kiddos loved them. The only thing we would do different next time, is put the different toppings in the cone, transfer to a small bowl, mix and put back in the cone to get it all gooey and good. We layered ours but I think having things mixed up would keep the topping together. Marshmallows being the 'glue'. Yum!

Don't forget to let them cool a little. If your little one digs right in he may burn his mouth and chocolate stick to the surface (ask me how I know).


  1. ohhhh this treat looks so yummy! I think I may try this with Joshua...

  2. These look good. I know the kids will enjoy these. I want to, but I know I will want one. LOL!

    I have had sugar the past week or so, and my symptoms have gotten worse again. I also had some dairy. So, I am cutting it out once again. Ugh!!


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