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Changing a Few Things

I am currently reviewing Write Shop and God's Great Covenant so I'm adding it to Caleb and Brent's school day. Because of this I am omitting 'Creative Writing' and 'Bible Study' from our current program, Heart of Dakota's~Preparing Hearts. I was not planning on adding anything to HOD but I need to leave wiggle room for the items I'm reviewing.
Today, for writing they put together a robot.
 I had them glue it to a sheet of construction paper. They weren't suppose to but I thought it would be easier for them to pull it out when they needed to review the parts of a letter.
Yesterday, I cut some completed letters, mixed them up and the children had to put them back together. This gave them practice with the parts of a letter (date, salutation etc.).
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we will use Write Shop and Thursday they will write the weekly Written Narration assignment form Preparing Hearts.

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