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Day 145

This week Caleb and Brent are studying 'Coming into the Golden Age of Greece' and their History Project was to make a trireme. The boys will continue to work on their Persian/Greek war ship throughout the week.
 I asked the boys if they like doing the 'History Projects' and they said, "Yes!".
 Ethan, joined in as well.
 As I have mentioned in the past, this year with using Preparing, I'm training the boys to be more independent. To help them along I sometimes highlight pages that need to be read or copied.
Today the boys read from "Find the Constellation" and narrated it back to me.
They also had to copy in cursive a paragraph from "Draw and Write Through History". They still don't like doing this but such is life.
I was excited to start a new item I'm reviewing for TOS Crew, 'WriteShop Jr.'.
All we did today was the Fold-N-Go Grammar. I didn't take a picture (gasp!) so I'll write more about that later.

Josh working hard on his math (Systematic Math). In his hand is a mini chocolate candy. I'm surprised he has no cavities the way he loves sugar. Although he will never admit it.

Caleb, playing Math Whizz.

My Little Hearts guy, is making a calf out of Peanut Butter dough.
 Our Bible reading for today was how the Israelites convinced Aaron to make a golden calf for them to worship.
 The one above is the calf and the one below is deer.
 He had so much fun, that the dough somehow ended up on his eyelash.
 He said, "Take another picture with my eye closed" I guess he thought I could see it better that way.

My Beyond student (Ethan), read from Phonics Pathway and copied some sentences. He completed another Teaching Textbook math lesson but no Beyond school today.

My Annette, started lesson 26 of Soaring with Spelling. She has skipped some of the easier lessons. When she takes the 'pre-test' and only misses one, I allow her to skip it and move to the next one.
On Resurrection Sunday, Annette, completed all her subjects. She is one motivated girl. She wanted Monday off, so she could go with her dad to some thrift stores and register our new business 'Simply Resale'.

Recently Lupe, rented a small space at a store called Candy and Jam Antiques. Josh, is trying to sell his knives that he purchased from Ebay. I think Lupe, is having more fun with this business venture than anyone. This is why he went thrift store shopping. He wants to keep the shelves full.

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