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Day 150

My two little pupils. Today, I had both my niece and nephew. Below, Princess J, is practicing her name. I showed her how to start her letters at the top and to practice keeping them in the lines (space).

 Little J, wanted to join in as well. He made circles and tried his hand at letters too. He did very well.
Because of the Science Experiment Gone Bad , I didn't get as much school done as I would have liked. That stinky sewer smell had us gagging.

My morning started off with me prepared to dig in and get it done. It just didn't end that way.
 Lance completed an Explode the Code page.

I did read four picture books to some of the children (Annette, Brent, and Princess J) that was nice. Something I don't do too often anymore.

Thankfully before Ethan dropped the little creatures, I had completed school with my Preparing boys.

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