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Day 155

It's been a really nice, calm, breezy day. The sun is shining but it's not too hot. There is a breeze coming through the kitchen windows. With that description, bet you couldn't tell I have two sick kiddos home =)

Caleb and Lance both have a sore throat and a headache. My poor little guys. They have been resting up all morning.

This morning I put some chicken in the crock-pot with some Louisiana Hot Sauce. I thought I'd make some Kicken Chicken, okay, goofy name. I named it. It's really called Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken. I'm slow cooking it for 6 hours, then adding a tab of butter and an 8oz block of Cream Cheese. I read that the Cream Cheese will tone down the spice a bit (for Lance). I didn't have a Ranch packet so I made my own and instead of using bread we will make this with Whole Wheat Pita bread. Will have to report back to see how it came out.

While I was putting all this in the Crock-Pot I thought, hmmm, two sick children with sore-throats. Not sure if this was the best day to make this for supper. I had to use the chicken though because another few days and it wouldn't have been good, I don't like to freeze chicken that is past the due date (mine expired yesterday).

I had 7lbs, so I used four for the 'Kicken Chicken' and decided to make Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls (I call it Matzo Dumplings). After boiling some of the chicken and shredding it, I realized I had enough to make my favorite Chicken Salad (this is what I was originally going to use it for but thought I'd sacrifice my chicken for the children and make soup).

I really enjoy cooking and making food for my family but with all the busyness I am often rushed. Today, I was really able to enjoy it. Annette and Josh, did their school on their own. Earlier I read books from Preparing Hearts, but since Caleb wasn't feeling well, we stopped school and I cooked.

Not sure how to explain it but it was one of those non~rushed days. Below is Lance. He just woke up and was hungry. My soup was almost done.

After quiet time, the children and I are going to watch a movie. The one where the little mouse goes to America with his family and becomes lost. I remember part of the song, "There are no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese", can't remember the rest.

In Him,

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  1. An American Tail - Fievel Goes West, I haven't seen that movie in ages!!

    Chicken soup sounds wonderful right now. It's overcast today and I think it's suppose to rain tomorrow. Maybe I'll pull out my crock pot and make some soup too! :)


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