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Day 156

Joshua enjoys writing. He is almost done with Writing with Skills Week 11. I must say upfront that I'm not using this writing program as intended (blushing). I'm not tweaking much but not following the Rubric to a 'T'. I know I need to do better but for now looking is writing over and talking about it is how we are using it. He is gleaning from it and I can tell ya, he's doing a lot better than I when I was in 8th grade.

"Ivan was born August 25th 1530. He became Grand Prince at age 3. Ivan's mother ruled for him until she was poisoned in 1538. Russian noblemen struggled over the throne until they were driven out in 1547.

Ivan believed he was a god, from that time on he was regarded with fear. He commanded a new church to be build to celebrate his military victories. The church was called, Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin. Its name has since been changed to St. Basil Cathedral. The cathedral is teaming with color and intriguing designs. The towers are very ornate with individual designs on them. The domes are shaped like chocolate chips.

Ivan wrote, "If a tsar's subjects don't obey him they will forever bat war with one another". An Italian wrote home, "Since he tries to find out everything his subjects do, very few dare to say anything".

Joshua wrote that from an outline provided. He is focusing on writing a chronological narrative of a past event that includes a description of a place. This is from Week 11~Day 4.

Ethan made ice cream today! It was part of his Beyond Little Hearts School. Big brother Josh, was happy to help make and eat this school project.
The instructions said to place the smaller Ziploc bag in a bigger one with ice and salt. We uses a tortilla bag instead and it worked fine. I recycle tortilla and bread bags.

Caleb and Lance had another sick day. Because I school Caleb and Brent together both boys did not complete two days of Heart of Dakota~Preparing Hearts and Write Shop. Brent does need to continue with his reading log and math. Brent is a happy camper right now.


  1. Oooh, making ice cream is always fun!

    Is the Writing With Skill the one that Susan Wise Bauer wrote?

  2. He is such a great student! I would be proud of him too. It's something about getting at that age that they start to just want to gain more independence and learn for learning's sake. I love it!


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