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I've Had Bigger

Ethan, was playing hide-and-seek with Little J. this morning. He was trying to hide behind my door in my bedroom. My room is small, so the door barely opens without hitting the dresser. As Ethan, was trying to get behind the door fast he hit his head. I didn't know at the time because he doesn't scream out like, Lance would, he just continues on.
Later, I called him for school. I thought we'd get nice and cozy and read Phonics Pathways snuggled on my bed. He may be nine but he still fits on my lap while I hold the book.
I love the feel of Ethan's hair, it so soft and I just love touching his cute head. As I touched him he guided my hand away and said that it hurt there because he has a bump. I felt gently and sure enough he had a knot. As a mom, right away I hugged him because that knot hurt my mommy heart. He said, "It's okay, I've had bigger" when he said that I laughed and hugged him some more. That's my Nature Boy.

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