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Lance School

I'm thinking about changing Lance's phonics from All About Reading to Horizons Phonics.
I like that I don't have to wait and see if the next level will be out in time. I know Lance will like the color. Having him do a few workbook pages would be nice so I can track his progress.

After looking at the samples, I feel like I relate better with the Teacher Manual from Horizons than All About Reading.

Although the workbooks say K, it can also be used for ages 7-10. Below is from Timberdoodle's website.
Help For Struggling Readers (Especially 7-10 Year Old Boys!)
If you have homeschooled for any length of time, belonged to a homeschool support group, or just been blessed with a quiver full of children, then you know how vastly different each child can be and how what works for one child just might not click with another. Never is this more apparent or more stressful than in the realm of reading. Having effortlessly taught not only our five typical children but also a handful of special needs children to read using the phonics programs in our catalog, we are wholly sold on their scope and ease. But there will always remain a group of children who are so dynamically caught up in life that reading competency continues to elude them. Characteristically these are seven- to ten-year-old boys, whose brains are racing in high gear; boys who are extremely adept with their hands but continue to struggle to read. We offer these sets of phonics workbooks for such children.

I really love All About Reading so I'm not sure if I will switch but I'm thinking about it.

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