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My Sweet Girl

I am so thankful that my daughter loves to spend time with me and just hang out. She hugs me and tells me she loves me. She gives me a goodnight kiss every, single, night. When Lupe and I go on a date, she always says,"Have fun with dad".

Yesterday I was very tired (I know, it's the story of my life, but I had stayed up late the night before getting things done. It was 2:00 a.m. when I crawled into bed). I decided I'd take a quick nap. My sweet girl, tucked me in with her favorite blanket and stuffed dog (Coffee Bean). She also made sure her younger siblings (like Lance) didn't disturb me. I slept for a good hour. Thank you Sweetie, I love you!
I took this picture today. I had just finished combing her hair. I looked up and saw my beautiful daughter, so I grabbed my camera, which happened to be next to me and snapped a picture.

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  1. she's beautiful just like her momma! She looks so much like you in this pic, Linda...


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