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Random Pics

Just a few random pictures.

I purchased these (happily) to use with some of the Amazing Science experiments!
 Some of my favorite things~Diet Vanilla, Dr, Pepper and Pretzel Crisp.
 I think the chickens are getting smaller. I used this one to make a chicken salad. Yum. All you need is chicken, Lawry's Seasoned Salt, grapes or apples, mayo mix and eat with your favorite cracker or Pretzel Crisp. You can add your choice of nuts as well. Double yum!
 Joshua's favorite T-shirt will soon be recycled into a cleaning rag.

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  1. I hear you on the size of the chickens. My husband came in with one the last week that looked like Adam could eat it by himself. Luckily, I stretched it, but I told my husband either we are going to have to start getting two, or we are going to start searching for bigger chickens! ;)


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