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TOS Crew Review: God's Great Covenant

I was happy to be one of the reviewers for God's Great Covenant, New Testament because in my nine years of homeschooling we've never studied the New Testament. Some how I've managed to continue teaching the Old Testament. Oh, we've read verses and stories from the New Testament but haven't really delved into it.
God's Great Covenant, New Testament 1 is geared for 4th grade and up. It focuses on the four gospels and the names of Jesus. He is the Son of Man, God’s Servant, the Messiah, and the Son of God. 
This is a 36 week course and it's broken down into four themes. Each them concentrates on one of the names of Jesus as mentioned above.
God's Great Covenant, New Testament 1, bundle includes the Teacher Edition, Student Workbook and an Mp3 download for $56.95.
You can also purchase these separately.
Teacher Edition $29.95
Student Workbooks $26.95
MP3 Download $9.95
The Teacher's Edition is amazingly detailed. It not only contains the entire student text and the answer key but detailed notes as well. There is a vast amount of information of the  historical, geographical, cultural, and theological concepts, which was very helpful and interesting!

The MP3 download is optional but I highly recommend it. There is over three hours of recording and it can be duplicated to a cd.My children and I enjoy listening to Christopher Perrin. Having all 32 stories recorded is a great help to this homeschooling mama. I'm reading to the children for hours, so it's nice to have someone else read the Story Time.

The Student Workbook contains all the stories, review activities, quizzes and maps. The first 29 pages is introducing the historical, political, chronological and religious introduction. I am using this with my 10 and 11 year old boys and although the introductions were very interesting to me, I noticed that with my boys their eyes were glazing over (Note:this was only with the introduction). I asked them if they understood what I was reading and they said, "No". What I did to remedy this is paraphrased it. The boys did like being introduced to 'Simon' and  learning about his daily life in the village of Jareth.
Once done with the introduction we started Chapter 1. Each chapter has a Memory Page, Story Time, Review Worksheets and a Quiz.
The Memory Page, consist of the Theme, Scripture to be read and studied, Memory Passage, Key Facts and Prophecy Fulfilled.
Monday~we would go over this page. I and sometimes one of the boys would read the scripture passages. We would go over the Key Facts and Prophecy Fulfilled and practice the Memory Passage.
Tuesday~The Story Time pages, we would sit and listen to the audio and go over the Memory Passage.
Wednesday~the boys would do 1pg. of the Review Worksheets and go over the Memory Passage.
Thursday~the boys completed the Review Worksheets and practice the memory verse.
Friday~Quiz day.

The Review Worksheets consist of multiple choice and questions like, "What do you know about the town of Bethlehem? Write two facts" or "How did the religious leaders believe that they became righteous before God?". Occasionally the children may have to draw a picture of what they learned.

Our thoughts about God's Great Covenant:
We enjoyed reviewing this Bible program. I am happy that we are finally studying the New Testament. We absolutely love the MP3 audio book. My kids can listen to that for hours. I appreciate how the company "Classical Academic Press" fully equips the teacher (mom) via the Teacher Edition notes to teach this course with greater understanding of the Bible. You can tell that they did their homework when writing this Bible course.
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Happy reading,
**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Hi Lou,
    Nice review. This sounds neat. It wasn't the one I thought it was. We've never delved into the New Testament either.

  2. Very thorough review! I checked it out and it looked so neat! Too bad we are past that are for now and when we dive in again, it will be at a higher level...but if the Lord ever blessed me with another, ya' never know. ;)


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